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Saltwater Roots Story

Hi friends,

Whether you have been supporting me since the beginning or just stumbled across my page – either way I am so glad you are here! 😊

A little bit about me – I’m Marisa! Born and raised in the beautiful Bradenton, Florida. I have truly grown to love this state and all the sunshine it brings. We tend to sneak away to the mountains as much as we can to get a little taste of some seasons since you don’t really find that here, lol. Otherwise, you can find us on the boat, our backyard, spending time with our family, or doing some type of DIY project - if we aren’t working. We recently started a garden, have lots of chickens and ducks, and always dreaming of smuggling in a few more farm animals in to grow our wanna-be homestead. Before Aubrey I was a full-time dispatcher and recently transitioned to working from home along with an on-call schedule going into the 911 center. I truly love the dispatch side and don’t know if I will ever be able to give it up. Being at home made me prioritize my time more and really see the beauty to live more simple. My focus for me and my family for 2022 will be to really live with intention.

A little bit about how Saltwater Roots was born – I have always had a creative side and this dream to have my own small business. I can remember when I was a little girl of dreaming of owning a bakery. (I still have a soft side for baking & decorating cakes.) After having our second child I had such a strong desire to have more time with my family, so my heart went into creating this brand. Thus, Saltwater Roots was born. It is here in our hometown (our roots), where the inspiration for the name, Saltwater Roots, came from. We wanted a brand that would remind you to spend more time in the sunshine. A brand that taught us how to slow it down with the people that matter the most, A brand that curated a feeling of warmth. 

“To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” – Simone Well


My best friend, Brandy, really played a huge intricate part on getting Saltwater Roots off the ground and for that I am forever grateful. Along with Ben, (the hubby) the numbers guy, the behind the scenes guy, the make it happen guy, my biggest supporter, the one who really pushes me to reach my dreams.

If you made it this far – You’re the real MVP! lol. So thankful for your support, without you this would not be possible. I truly enjoy sharing a little bit of my creative side on here and so grateful to be living out my dream to own a small business. Feel free to follow along on Instagram and Facebook- I won’t promise to be the most consistent poster but I will try to give you valuable content or maybe even get you to laugh.




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